New Review- Lady Gouldian by Calia Read

Lady Gouldian by Calia Read had been one of my most anticipated books of this year and the author surprised us with a duet! If you are following the journey of Asa and Nat from the Surviving Time & The Belgrave Dynasty series, you know what to expect from their love story. It’s painful, gripping, consuming…

The author explained that this couple could not be contained in one book and that was truthful. I read this story holding my breath and I was left wanting more. The book has everything I do not like in a love affair. It is full of angst, it has tropes that I hate and a cliffhanger and despite all that, I loved it.

Nat is back in her Belgrave home as a widow with a heart bruised but devoted to a man that she cannot have; Asa.  She has been in love with him since she was a little girl but now she is a woman ready to take what’s hers back but the man is ready to marry another.

In this book we go back and forth between the past and the present and it was lovely to see how these two went from friends to soulmates. Their past is sweet and I liked that we got to know them more, especially seeing Asa’s point of view. We knew him as a man strict and with a frown in his face, but now we realize that he hides a man with a painful past and sensitivities that run deeply. I admired Nat’s transformation and how she found her strength without losing her sweet spirit.

Their relationship is truly combustive. You see that they are like a bomb ready to explode and they are going to leave nothing in their wake. They see only each other and they do not care for the consequences. They are two pieces of one heart but their timing is always off.

I have so many questions that are unanswered. I wanted more from their past and especially Nat’s story during her difficult wedding and the reasons why these two did not get together. The cliffhanger was predictable but killed me nonetheless.

 The author makes us bleed little by little with their passionate but painful love and now I am waiting for the other book for my heart to heal.  Tick tock…

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