Rating System

My rating system is based only on my personal opinion! I don’t charge for reviews and I will always give my honest and fair thoughts.


I adored this book and I could not put it down. I am excited about the characters , the storyline and the writing style. This is the kind of book that I want in my library to read again and again and I want to suggest it to everyone. This will definitely be on my list of favorite books!


I loved this book but something didn’t make it just perfect. Sometimes it can be the characters and sometimes the story. 


I really enjoyed this book , I had fun reading it but it wanted something extra to be perfect! I will definitely suggest this book to my friends.


I liked  this book a lot and had no problem finishing it but it was a little predictable for me. In no way, do I consider this a bad book.


I just liked this book. It was an ok read for me but still was fun for passing my time. Some readers think this is a bad rating but for me it is not. It was not perfect and needed improvement but I still enjoyed it.


I didn’t like the book and struggled reading it.You will not find a review on my blog with these rates because I want to promote books that I liked and not share negativity for someone’s work.

You will wonder why my ratings are high. I have decided to review books that I love and really enjoyed. I am all about positive feedback and I want to spend my time suggesting books that I want to talk about. I am a really picky reader and I don’t share the stars without thought but sometimes a bad story for me, it is an excellent choice for someone else.  Also, there are so many books and after years of reading, I think I know what I like. This blog was created with love and love and passion is my only motive, so I am all about the books that ignite these feelings. Thank you!