New Review- The Bride Test by Helen Hoang

If you thought that Helen Hoang succeeded in writing only one good book, you couldn’t be more wrong. I loved her first book The Kiss Quotient and I equally enjoyed The Bride Test. Helen is an amazing author creating diverse books where she talks about autism and different cultures without missing the romance and the sensuality.

Khan is a man with a heart of stone; he doesn’t feel deeply even if that means he cannot grieve or love. At least that’s what he thinks but his family knows that he is a little different because of his autism. That’s why his mother is there to intervene and move things along ordering him a bride from Vietnam.

Esme is a hardworking woman, a single young mom who is given a chance to make her family’s life easier. Even though she is a stranger to American culture, she is there to fight for the lonely’s man love and for her independence.

These characters are really interesting. Esme is a survivor who will do anything for her family and I admire her for that. I love the fact that she doesn’t do it for the money but for happiness. She is smart, honest and kind.

Khan is a man who thinks differently and I like how the author depicted his autism in comparison to Stella from book one. He is a man who thinks that doesn’t do feelings but his emotions and actions will touch you.

I have seen some comments about how their actions felt strange but I think that the author beautifully described a world which is a little foreign to us. If you read the note at the end , that I completely loved , you will see that this story is deep and insightful. It will make you more sympathetic towards the couple.

I have to comment about the writer’ s talent of writing about family. She is so good about showing the family dynamics and love. Both characters have a nice relationship with their families and especially Khan’s brother is a man who is to be admired. I am crossing my fingers for his story!

Helen Hoang proves that she is a rising star, a talented storyteller who writes sweet and cute stories that will make you think and learn about new things!

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