Weekly Releases for the week of April 16th, 2024

Just This Once by Lena Hendrix

Whip King cannot be the man for me.

Cocky, pierced firefighters are perfect for late-night rom-coms, but in real life they’re nothing but trouble. Especially when you find out they work for your dad—after you’ve already slept with them.

Moving to my parents’ small town was supposed to be the fresh start I was looking for. When a disastrous Valentine’s Day leads to an unexpected encounter with a sexy stranger, and ends with the hottest night of my life, I didn’t think I would ever see Whip again.

Imagine my surprise when one of my sixth-grade students has a medical emergency and it’s Whip who shows up, looking hot as hell, to save the day. I should be embarrassed at how we left things, but instead I’m furious he doesn’t seem to remember me.

So I scrape my pride off the floor, lift my chin, and pretend there’s nothing between us. But that can last only so long. Stolen glances melt into forbidden touches, and once we give in to temptation, we can’t keep our hands off each other.

Nothing has ever felt so right, but my guarded heart won’t let me believe in happily ever after with a man like him. Opening up to Whip may be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and every time we agree to one last time, we both know it’s a lie.

How many times can we keep telling ourselves just this once before we realize that, when it comes to love, once is never enough?

Falling for Her by Kelly Elliott

Wes Ward finds himself in new territory. Less than a year ago, he lived in New York City in a fantastic loft that overlooked upper Manhattan. Women in and out of his bed anytime he wanted and not a damn care in the world.


Now, he finds himself back in Boston plotting ways to stop his high school girlfriend, Mandy, from getting married, dodging his mother’s every attempt at helping him settle down, and trying to understand why Clare Monroe makes him forget everything and everyone when she smiles at him.

What is this insane feeling he feels anytime Clare is near him? Why can’t he stop thinking about her every second of every day?

And what does he do about Mandy, the woman he fought so hard for who is willing to give their relationship another try right when Wes is ready to admit his feelings for Clare?

This is NOT a love triangle book 🙂

Falling for Her is a friends to lovers trope and can be read as a stand alone but the author highly recommends you start at the beginning of the series.

1. Searching for Harmony
2. Fighting for Love
3. Falling for Her

Wright Kind of Love by K.A. Linde

The conclusion to the Wright duet age gap romance from USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde.

Chase Sinclair should be my enemy.

Wrights and Sinclairs don’t mix. Not with years of history and turmoil between our families. A rivalry that only seems to fester and corrode with time.

Except I’m done denying what I want.

We both are.

Just when we think we have it figured out, it all blows up in our faces.

But we’re determined to make this work. Even knowing that the road ahead is uncertain. And everyone wants us to fail. At least we’re doing this together.

Everything is on the line. Our friends, our families, our careers. And we’d give it all up.

He may be from the wrong family, but he’s my Wright person.

Sweet Collide by Ava Harrison

Aiden Slate.
Pro hockey star. Captain of the Redville Saints. And the bane of my existence.

All it takes is a little liquid courage to storm his castle.
Or, in this case, a cushy five-star hotel suite.

I’m supposed to give him a piece of my mind.
To unleash a decade of pent-up anger.

What I’m not supposed to do is sign an NDA meant for another woman.

He thinks I’m here to relieve his stress.
Well, he’s in for a rude awakening.

Problem #1? The boy I grew up with doesn’t remember me.
Problem #2? I fall to my knees at his command. Literally.

Next thing I know, I agree to be his fake girlfriend.
He doesn’t realize I’m the girl he left behind ten years ago.
The last thing I’ll do is admit it.

Because Aiden might have abandoned me all those years ago.
But me? I’ll forever be his.

Slay King by Abbi Glines

“This world I live in isn’t one that builds strong relationships. It rips them apart.”

Perhaps that was true, but nonetheless, I had fallen in love with him anyway. The man who had lied to me, the man I couldn’t trust, the man who would never love me back, yet even knowing all that, I loved him still. His smile could make me forget all the reasons why I shouldn’t. I was so easily blinded by the charm that was King Salazar.

He used it like a weapon, and I was one of the many who fell under his spell. Accepting that I had nowhere else to go and running from the southern mafia was impossible, I gave in to my feelings for him. All the while knowing he would eventually break me in a way that my abusive husband he had killed had not.

While he kept me locked away, safe from the gang bent on finding me, I had to sit back and watch him live out a fake relationship with the next Governor of Georgia’s only daughter. We all know how that story goes. I’d read enough of those tropes in books to prepare myself for the end. When he would fall for her and, I would, once again, be left alone. Shattered beyond repair.This is the second book in the Slay duet in the Georgia Smoke Series.

Flurry by Alison Rhymes

I’ve been in love with him for years, despite knowing he could never be mine.

Now his charming new boyfriend is determined to include me in all their plans.

I’ve been infatuated with him for years, despite us being in different states.

Now we’re living in the same city with the only woman who’s come close to holding my heart.

I’ve been intrigued by her for years, despite us never knowing each other.

Now I just need to convince the two people I care most about that three is better than two.

Flurry is an MMF Hockey Romance

Office Mate by Rachel Van Dyken

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken comes a standalone office RomCom about what happens when the one you walked away from was now not only your boss but also your new partner in a high-stakes office game…

I liked to think things happened in threes:
1. My girlfriend ghosted me and changed her number.
2. I got promoted, but I worked for Satan.
3. Months later, said girlfriend was back in my life, working underneath me as an intern.

Ah, the universe had jokes, ha, ha, hilarious.

All I had to do was survive the fourth annual Emory Games, a ridiculous office bonding game that Max Emory, our CEO, put on every year to help boost company morale and encourage the new interns.
Yeah, just ask me if they felt encouraged after diving into shark-infested waters. Don’t worry… only one person got hurt, and the accidental death paperwork was sound.
I had to work with her as my partner for a full week, and then I could bounce back to my department, pretend that she hadn’t broken my heart, and run me over with my own truck for good measure.

I should have been focused on the games, except again, things happened in threes…
1. She’s my partner.
2. She’s hiding something.
3. I may have fallen on her and kissed her. It’s a thing, it actually happens in real life—people just fall, and mouths meet, and what are you going to do?

Hi, my name is Ace Harley, and I am two point five seconds away from marching down to HR and begging for therapy.

Being an adult sucks balls.

The Player by Carina Rose

From Carina Rose comes this fun and swoony sports romance.


Another headline. What else was new?

You’d think reporters could focus on the important things in the world. But they loved to write about me, Jimmy Hall, the best pitcher in the league . . . especially when I got caught screwing up.

Thanks to the incriminating pictures from my last trip to Vegas, the team’s general manager assigned me a branding expert. I was ready to tell him I was fine on my own, but then my expert walked in, and I practically forgot my own name.

Sommer Bennett had curves in all the right places and lips that could make a man stupid. Too bad she couldn’t stand me. Even worse, she was the owner’s granddaughter, making her off-limits.

Or was she?


When Granddad said he had a job for me, I couldn’t have been more excited. I pictured myself as the vice president of player relations or next in line to take over the Hawks. Instead, he wanted me to babysit the most arrogant player on the team: Jimmy Hall.

It didn’t matter that the man was drop-dead gorgeous or had the most strikeouts in the league. He was a PR nightmare—and now my nightmare. I’d graduated top of my class and have a master’s in business, yet I still needed to prove myself. Jimmy Hall would not be the reason I didn’t get the title I deserved. I just couldn’t fall for his charm.

Some things are easier said than done.

Taming 7 by Chloe Walsh

Tommen’s cheekiest lad, Gerard ‘Gibsie’ Gibson, has always been a comedian, but most people don’t see what lurks beneath the surface. He is haunted by events of the past and he uses humor to cope, hiding his true self from the world.

Claire Biggs, the epitome of sunshine, has always loved Gibsie, her brother’s friend and her favorite neighbor. She has always seen a side to him that no one else seems to notice. She becomes determined to tame her wild-at-heart childhood best friend.

When lines are crossed, it becomes unclear whether Gibsie and Claire’s friendship will survive. Will it blossom into something more, or will they lose themselves in the wild?

Following characters that readers have grown to adore, Taming 7 will only expand your love for the Boys of Tommen universe. This book is perfect for readers looking for:

  • New adult/YA crossover Irish romance
  • Dual POVs
  • Friends-to-lovers
  • Angsty tearjerkers
  • Bingeworthy TikTok books

Stealing Second by M.J. Fields

From USA Today best-selling author MJ Fields, comes a brand new, grumpy sunshine, close proximity, standalone, steamy baseball romance

About Stealing Second


Fresh out of college, I stumbled into the opportunity of a lifetime. My favorite professor had a friend who was looking to retire and sell his animal clinic. With a lot of help and a giant push from my sister and her husband, I made an offer. I’m now the proud owner of Wags Veterinary Clinic in Trenton, New Jersey.

Life is good. I have a home with a beautifully landscaped lawn, a business that I love, and an amazing tribe of friends who encourage me to put myself out there. Truth be told, I prefer animals over most people. I’m happy with the occasional girls’ night in and catching a glimpse of the hot neighbor, who I undeniably fantasize about—often.

Those fantasies, however, come to a dramatic end when I see him walking his new puppy on my property and not cleaning up its mess—twice. There’s nothing hot about a man who doesn’t take care of his shhh—or his dog’s. Nothing.

Fantasy ruined.


Who gets a second chance at playing professional baseball after turning it down once before? This guy. I thought it was too good to be true, but my family encouraged me to take the opportunity and see what would happen. That’s exactly what I did, with zero expectations.

When I got the call that I was being pulled up from the minors to the majors, it was no longer an opportunity; it was a reality. Adjustments had to be made. I was going to be calling Trenton, New Jersey, home for a while; therefore, my minor-league lifestyle had to change. No more cleat chasers or hookups. I had to focus.

The problem with this is, my focus is on the hot redhead next door, and she … well, she can’t stand me.

If I’ve learned anything in the past couple of years, it’s that baseball is magic. It’s not in the game itself; it’s in the lessons about endless opportunities.

Right now, I’m on first, just waiting for the opportunity to steal second.

Love on the Edge of Forever by Julie A. Richman

“I’ll find you again.”
That was my husband Jesse’s dying promise, a vow I’m certain he’ll keep. This wasn’t the first
lifetime Jesse and I shared, and since love never dies, we knew, someday, we would be reunited.
After he passed away, I thought I’d never experience a love like that again—not in this lifetime
anyway—and I accepted that.

But fate had other plans for me…

I met Dev Abramson when his white German shepherd plowed into me in Central Park, knocking
me flat on my back, then slathering my face with her effervescent kisses. I was instantly drawn to
Dev’s calm, centered presence and to his dog, Sheba, who welcomed me like a
long-lost friend.

Dev gave me his card, but I failed to follow up, something I deeply regretted. So, when our paths
crossed a second time, I wasn’t about to let him slip away again. I needed to know more about
the handsome jazz pianist.

I never expected to fall in love with Dev, but now that I have—I’m afraid if I tell him that I was married to Jesse, one of the most famous rock stars in the world, and that we have shared previous lifetimes—I’ll lose him.

But my connection with Dev was instantaneous and so deep—as if I’d known him forever.
And I can’t help but wonder, maybe I have…


What I Should’ve Said by Max Monroe

When grumpy, muscled-up artist Bennett Bishop bothers to speak, it’s usually to say something you’re not ready to hear.

When he first speaks to Norah Ellis, a rambling runaway bride who hitchhikes a ride from him, it’s to tell her to get out of his truck and walk because she’s a pain in the a-s-s.

By appearance, Norah Ellis is a fancy fashionista who’s spent the last several years living the good life in the city—expensive apartments, highbrow events, and a fiancé with wealth and good looks. The only problem is that she didn’t choose any of it for herself.

On the day of her July wedding, thanks to a letter from a stranger, Norah’s world turns upside down. She runs for the hills of Vermont to start a new life, but what’s waiting for her, between her estranged sister, the townspeople, and bad-boy Bennett Bishop himself, is way more than she bargained for.

Enemies turn to lovers, strangers become friends, dark secrets bust open like cans of worms, and most of all…Summer will never be the same.

The Wallflower and the Running Back by Ginger Scott

I was supposed to be bumping shoulders with the best and brightest in chemistry at a London University. Instead, I’m bumping into the shoulder pads of Tiff U’s star football player. And I’m his tutor.

I’ve never had many friends. The only one I thought I could count on ended up stealing my scholarship—and then my boyfriend. Now, instead of spending my fall semester abroad, I’m stuck here in Iowa, with zero funds and even less hope that I’ll get to study abroad at all before I graduate this spring.

Even worse? My mentor asked me to take on the impossible—tutoring arrogant running back Logan Ford and helping him finally pass Chem 101. Apparently, the team needs him, and the governing board is cracking down on letting grades slide for athletes. Normally, I’m all for accountability. Except now getting him to pass is my problem. And everyone on campus is looking to me—Rachel Edwards, chemistry genius, bonafide introvert—to get it done.

I’m about to give up before I start. But then I get a crazy idea. What if I can get Logan to be my date for the winter science ball? The one where the honors students compete in a pool for massive cash for the one who lands the hottest hottie on campus. Tiff U athletes have their fun, and we have ours too. It just doesn’t get the same attention. Probably because nobody has ever walked into the ball with someone like Logan Ford.

Last year’s pool got all the way up to five grand, enough to pay for my semester abroad. But can I really land the running back? And if I ask him to pretend in exchange for passing his class, can I handle the way he looks at me, touches me, makes my insides incinerate like a chemical reaction?

And what happens if I forget that none of it is real?

*Dual POV spicy new adult sports romance

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