New Review- Breathless by Lex Martin

Lex Martin has been writing the sweetest series! I adore that she has talked about different tropes with each couple but the main theme is always the same; forever love! Breathless is a friends to lovers story that will make you want to hug the book after reading it.

Joey and Logan have been best friends since they were kids. Logan has always been there for Joey but the main problem is that she has been always in love with him and he sees her as a friend or a little sister. So, she leaves him without a word and when she returns after months , she is ready to lay it all on the line.

Logan has been a mess after Joey’s disappearance but now that she is back, he is ready to know the reasons. What he does not expect is for him to realize how much he wants her.

These two are adorable together. Their bond has the fire of young love but the emotions of a deep one too. I loved how much Logan expressed openly his feelings for her , in words and in actions. Also, it is pretty nice seeing what a decent girl Joey is. She is honest to a fault and understanding. Despite the fact these two have been friends, their relationship is pretty explosive sexually.

The drama that comes between them is something you will probably guess from the start as the author leaves clues throughout the book. I hate miscommunication in general but you will justify somehow Logan’s secrets although he could be more open with Joey earlier in the book.

Past couples from the series are in the story and it is so great catching up with them! Also, Logan’s best friend and his girl made me curious to learn their story, so I am crossing my fingers.

It is rare finding a series that all of its books are great but Lex Martin has made it happen! I cannot get enough of this world!!!

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