New Review- Butterface by Avery Flynn

Avery Flynn is a new to me author but I couldn’t resist this adorable cover! This is a fun, sexy Rom com about love, family and the beauty of the heart.

Gina is a good businesswoman as a wedding planner, a great sister to her brothers and a nice friend. Her only problem is that all her life she has been bullied for her appearance, so when a delicious cop pretends to be her boyfriend, she knows that all these sparkles cannot be true.

Ford is a cop that wants to do his job and follow the rules. When an encounter with Gina brings him closer to a promotion, he is all in even if he has to hide some things.

What starts as a joke soon becomes a relationship where feelings are involved but the secrets threaten their happiness.

This couple is cute together. Ford is a man serious, hot and sometimes oblivious. He makes mistakes but he is not afraid to ask for forgiveness. Gina is a strong, independent woman and despite the obstacles, she stays true to herself and she doesn’t want to change. They are so good to each other. There is respect, support and they burn the sheets!

I loved that the author took the other way and she didn’t write the usual story about the ugly duckling turning into a princess. This book is about feeling beautiful just as you are, the wrong expectations of society and that there is a happily ever after for everyone.

The secondary characters are fantastic and I am glad to see that there are more books to come!

I am so happy to have read this book, because it gave me all the warms feelings! If you want something light to read, this is the story for you!

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