New Review- Catch Me When I Fall by A.L. Jackson

Catch Me When I Fall by A.L. Jackson is a hot, angsty rockstar romance that will play with your heartstrings!

Emily is the lead singer of a country rock band that is ready to hit the big lists. Her bandmates are excited to be famous and spread their music, but Emily is fighting with the ghosts of her past. When a beautiful stranger enters her life, there is a connection there unexpected. He makes her want to fly and overcome all her problems.

Royce is a man with a plan; to take revenge for the people he loves and got hurt. The innocent blonde has no place in his heart but she manages to steal a piece of it.

Their attraction is off the charts. There is a bond that cannot be explained, a chemistry combustible. There is raw vulnerability, two broken souls that come together.

There are secrets they both have that can turn things upside down. The big reveal comes in the end so there is intensity throughout the book. I think that the hero could have revealed his goal earlier because his need for revenge was justified, so I think that Emily would have helped him.

This author’s writing is always poetic and vivid. It creates images in your mind that unfold like a movie. Sometimes, some words and phrases are repetitive but overall, the book flows beautifully.

This book is the second one of the series and the author gave a glimpse of what is coming and I am so excited and curious!

A.L. Jackson is the queen of rockstar romance and these books are like music notes of an amazing song that make you really listen and feel!

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