New Review- Chasing Cassandra by Lisa Kleypas

Lisa Kleypas is the reason I love historical romance books. Every time I have an anticipation in my heart and when I get the book, it’s like it is skipping a beat from happiness. I had been waiting excitedly for Chasing Cassandra and this book made me really satisfied. It’s cute, sweet and quirky.

Tom is a man who had nothing and succeeded in earning everything. He is powerful, wealthy and a businessman like no other. The problem is he feels like something is missing, so he thinks he must find a wife. When he faces Cassandra, he is hooked but they are so wrong for each other.

Cassandra is at an age of marriage but she needs love, so it is difficult to find the right groom. Tom is irresistible but the man refuses to give his heart. He can only give a proper, rich marriage but she wants more.

Tom’s falling in love was the best thing! He is a hero logical, with a dry humor that I adored and although he is wicked smart, the man knows nothing about feelings, at least that’s what he thinks. Although, he does not believe in love, his actions were full of it. He surrendered to Cassandra body and soul. He is a character you are going to remember. I laughed so hard with his words and his actions.

Cassandra is an easily liked character. She is kind, soft spoken and loving. We are used to reading about heroines that are strong and independent but Cassandra is just a girl who wants a family to love.

Their relationship is a little instant but overall, it’s sweet and adorable and not as much as steamy as her other books.

This series is a must read but I say that for every Lisa Kleypas book!

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