New Review- Constant by Rachel Higginson

Rachel Higginson ventures into a new genre, suspense romance, and it is so worth it! This is such a unique story that goes back and forth between the past and the present and it keeps you at the edge of your seat until the huge cliffhanger in the end…. Book 2 will be out in February so I will keep guessing where this love journey will go!

This author keeps the blurb vague so I am keeping my review too, so I will not spoil anything. I will only say that this is a book about a young couple that falls in love into the middle of mafias’ war.

Caroline saved Sayer fifteen years ago and in turn he was the one that truly loved her. She promised never to abandon him but circumstances made her run leaving him behind broken hearted.

Caroline has started a new life but her heart is stuck in the past and now Sayer is back to torture her with his blue eyes and his cold attitude. Their attraction is still burning but their secrets threaten everything.

Caroline is a girl strong, logical and feisty. It takes a lot of courage to go through everything she has and I admire her will to live and love. Also, it is refreshing to see the differences between the past and the now as she grows up and softens without losing her ability to fight.

Sayer is a mysterious boy that turns into a detached man but slowly you realize how much he feels. He is like a volcano ready to burst and when he opens up, you will seriously melt. His words are bleeding with pain and love for Caroline.

As for the story itself, I would say that it is more focused on Caroline’s life. It’s written in her POV so it is easier to follow what she experiences. The scenes of their past give us a glimpse of their love but in the present Sayer is closed off, so you keep wondering what he is thinking and where this is going. The end will leave you with so many questions and so many guesses and I just wish I had the next book.

Rachel Higginson wrote a book thrilling and exciting and you will be glued to the pages until the end! Grab this book and get to ready for your mind to be blown! Rachel you are a true con artist stealing our hearts with this story!

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