New Review- Dignity by Jay Crownover

I have read everything by Jay Crownover and this woman never disappoints me. We are back to the “Point”, this gritty place where everything is allowed and all the criminals hide. This book is sexy, suspenseful and surprisingly sweet!

Snowden Stark is a machine, a man who goes where the wind takes him. He has his own code of honor but he also plays with the Devil. He calculates his every move, he is detached and his mind is his greater weapon. He is a man who seems invincible because he keeps all his emotions locked down… until a little thief wakes him up.

Noe Lee is a “nobody”. She is a girl lost in the streets under the filth and the shadows of the Point. She is street savvy and seems fearless but when she gets in trouble, she is forced to accept Stark’s help.

Stark is fascinated by the smart girl and Noe finds him irresistible. They are intelligent but together they are unstoppable. When they combine their minds, they rule the world with their hacking ways and when they combine their bodies, they are explosive.
I always love this author’s ability to write multidimensional characters. There are not good people or bad people. Every person has the ability to do both and they choose what path they are going to take. Stark and Noe might be on the wrong side of the tracks but they help those who are in need. They don’t follow the laws but they bring justice.

These two characters might appear strong but their past is so heartbreaking. Both Noe and Stark have been through so much and their hurt has made them who they are. Despite though their difficult circumstances, they have pure hearts.
Light hides in the darkest places and “Point” might be a dangerous place but the love stories born there are filled with hope!

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