New Review- Dirty Headlines by L.J. Shen

Dirty Headlines by L.J. Shen is an office romance with characters who have declared war in the newsroom and in the bedroom! With her signature arrogant alphahole hero and sassy heroine the author gives us a storyline entertaining and hot!

Jude is a girl struggling so a one night-stand with the most delicious man she has ever met might change her mood even for a little while. No harm, no fool… Except he is her new boss that is out to make her life hell.

Celian is on top of the chain, he is rich, he is boss and future heir of a media empire and he has all the women vie for his attention. He would be even happier if a little “thief” wouldn’t grate on his nerves. He wants to kill her and kiss her senseless but no idea what he wants more.

This book is a little lighter than the previous books by this author. It has no angst but I liked the pace of it. It has a lot of heat and their banter is priceless.

Celian is a coldhearted man, ruthless, with a dirty and sometimes cruel mouth! I love the fact that this author manages to make you love men who otherwise you would find insufferable. He might appear as crude but his heart is a little bruised by others so he is slower to show his real feelings.

Jude is a kind, smart and hardworking girl. She stands up to Celian and it’s admirable how much work ethics she shows and how much she cares about her friends and family.

Dirty Headlines is a passionate, off the charts hot story that will create explosions in your heart and in your mind!



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