New Review- Every Little Thing by Samantha Young

Samantha Young has written some of my most favorite books and now she has taken a little turn in her writing, transferring us into a small picturesque place where everyone knows everything but also where everyone helps anyone in need.

Bailey is the princess of Hartwell. She is a successful owner of a beautiful inn, she is loved by her friends and admired by her people. Her only thorn in her side? The successful hotel owner, the man that antagonizes her every day.

Vaughn has left New York so he can find his peace. His life is now quiet with the exception of a sassy beauty. Bailey has intrigued him from the start but his heart resists.

When circumstances bring them together , these two enemies become fierce lovers but can they trust each other, so they can find their happily ever after?

I loved Bailey. She is independent, brave, outspoken and loyal. She is a great friend and nothing can stand in her way. I liked that she showed some vulnerabilities to Vaughn and that made her more likeable. Vaughn on the other hand is a hard nut to crack. He is someone you can depend on, smart and kind. His cold attitude and his hurtful comments sometimes irked me but his point of view that showed his misery and longing for Bailey made me forgive him.

The pace of the story didn’t always work for me as I would have liked to see them more as a couple sooner but their shared moments are cute, sexy and strong.

The advantage of this series as a whole is the sense of community. There are amazing secondary characters that are on the spotlight as they are always there for them to help them and root for them. I cannot wait for their stories especially for Emery’s, a girl ethereal and shy.

I might prefer the edgier side of this author but it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy this kind of her stories. There is something fun about this supportive small community and you will love not only the couples but also this place. Now I am curious… what next?

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