New Review- Fallen by Mia Sheridan

I admire authors that try something new but I would have never expected that one of my favorite romance authors like Mia would write a horror-mystery book but here we are! Fallen is a rich, dark story that has everything you want for your Halloween. It’s creepy, intriguing and exciting.

Scarlett is a single mom that arrives with her daughter at a mansion full of history and haunted stories to have a new beginning. Memories though echo through the walls, strange sounds make her fear and the sinister plans of the town are dangerous for her.

Camden is the sheriff and he is torn between protecting Scarlett and her daughter Haddie and guarding his secrets. Is he trustworthy or something is hidden behind his eyes?

This book has so many interesting characters and multiple POVs. Each one has something to offer to the story and although it has a paranormal vibe, I loved every aspect of this book. It’s realistic with a touch of magic.

If you have read Savaged by this author, it has the same vibe but darker and without so much romance. My romantic heart wanted a little extra but the suspense of the story will keep your attention.

As always this author’s writing is on spot. It’s vivid, easy flowing and chilling.

Fallen is an atmospheric story that will haunt your thoughts and provoke your feelings with its twists and turns!

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