New Review- Follow Me Back by A.L. Jackson

A.L. Jackson is an author that little by little steals your heart and by the end of the book you are a pile of tears because her words are so moving and her books always so emotional. They are not sad but they definitely play with your heartstrings and Follow Me Back will do that!

Kale is a doctor and his life is devoted to his young patients and his friends. He has no room for love as his heart is so broken that he can’t take more pain. When he sees a beautiful redheaded girl, he believes he can have her for a little while without creating anything more meaningful.

Hope couldn’t have a life more complicated and that means she has to avoid the flirty doctor. She can’t fall in love because all her attention and heart belongs to her young son but maybe she can have some fun with Kale without making any promises.

You can see that from the start there is this magnetism, an irresistible force that brings them together. If you believe in love at first sight this couple has it. There is this sexual attraction that they can’t resist but you will see that throughout the book these two are more in need of love than nights of fun.

Hope is a wonderful character. She is shy and reserved but she has also a sassy side. She is a great mom and what she does for her son is admirable. She is supportive, caring and her love shines. She never gives up her hope for everything to be better and she is resilient despite her difficult situations she is going through.

Kale might appear sexy and playful at the beginning but the man has so many layers. He uses his flirty attitude to hide the pain and the fear of being hurt again. I love how open he is to Hope’s son and you will be touched with his declarations towards them. He is loyal although at the end I wanted to shake him to get over his insecurities.

I have to comment about this author’s ability to write kids’ characters. My favorite and more heartwarming part of this book is Hope’s son. Evan is the best; a fighter that never stops giving smiles, a boy full of heart and his words will make you laugh and cry and cry and cry… He is a precious little boy.

This book has a little about everything, angst, fun, mystery but at its core it’s all about love and hope. Another great addition to this series about these lost men that found a purpose in their lives and I am so eager about the next one, about the gentle giant and his feisty girl.

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