New Review- The Gravity of Us by Brittainy C. Cherry

As a fanatic reader and with so little time, I have this fear that I am going to miss some incredible books. So, my gift to you is this… don’t miss this story! Brittainy C. Cherry concludes “The Elements Series” with a storyline that will touch you deeply. If there is one series of books that you have to read, this is the one!

Lucille has always followed her mother’s advice to love fully. She has no regrets, she chases her dreams and she is always the first to smile. When, she meets a closed off man, she is the one to shed some lightness to his darkness and he is the one to show her true love.

I don’t want to spoil anything for you, because the circumstances they meet and what brings them closer is something that will surprise you and I want you to feel everything I felt. Just be prepared for tears, excitement and some twists that will steal your attention.

Lucille is like sunshine. She is a bright woman that shares her love openly. She is caring, passionate and with a pure heart. I wish we could all have some Lucilles in our lives. She is a person you can trust, a girl who gives help and support no matter what.

Graham is her exact opposite. He is broody, abrasive, almost cold. He is logical, smart, he follows his mind but he keeps his heart protected. I love this kind of heroes. He is a man that hides his true soul behind a rough exterior, so he can avoid the hurt. Love though makes him softer , more gentle and more open.

They might be different but they have one thing in common. They feel too much. When, they get closer, you can see their need for love. There is not something more precious than being yourself without judgment and with each other, they can do that. There is respect, loyalty, friendship. Their bond is not based on their attraction and sexuality. Their love is built on trust and sharing their everyday lives.

Their relationship has a forbidden side but in no way, you will feel their love is dirty or taboo. Their connection is so convincing that you will root for their happily ever after.

Each book in this series is a standalone but they all have a thing in common; the exceptional writing. The words flow beautifully, almost poetically. Each word is put for a purpose and that purpose is to feel. This author has a fantastic talent in writing and it’s much more than a love story. Her words are life lessons.

This book has a quiet intensity, a spiritual vibe, a unique storyline. I wish I had the author’s talent, so I could express everything you needed to know about this book, so you can read it. Lucille is a character open to share her love, so I am stealing some of her vibes and I am doing the same. I am sharing my deep love for this story with you… my fellow readers. Read it and love it and then do the same… share this love for this fantastic journey. This author uses the word “Maktub” that means it is written and this book is written to touch you in your heart and stay with you forever!

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