New Review- Too Hard to Resist by Robin Bielman

Robin Bielman is an author that makes you have fun with her books. Too Hard to Resist is no exception as it’s a  light, quick read that will make you smile. It’s a slow burn office romance that will leave you hot but satisfied with its sexual tension.

Madison is ready to move on with her life and that means succeeding in her new job. She has all that she needs but she cannot have what she wants; her boss.

Elliot has met his assistant before but for the first time he is attracted to her. There is a strict no fraternizing policy but he cannot resist breaking some rules.

As these two were friendly before this job, it was difficult to keep their distances. They were honest from the start about their mutual attraction , something that I liked but they did everything in their hands to stay away from each other. I would have loved to see them more as a couple sooner but I have to say that their dirty talking and the foreplay was hot.

Elliot is clever, honest and sexy but sometimes I wanted to him to be more open about his feelings. Madison is sweet, hardworking and smart. Sometimes they are both stubborn making their pull and push a little frustrating and you want to shout at them to just surrender.

Their relationship has this forbidden aspect that is alluring and when they stop resisting they are explosive together making their sexy scenes my favorites ones. I have to say that I like the spicier writing the author has in her latest books.

It’s always a nice addition seeing characters from the previous books and this story has some nice cameos .

If you like books racing with sexiness but also fun, Robin Bielman is the author for you!

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