New Review- The Hot Shot by Kristen Callihan

Fans of friends to lovers’ stories, this book is highly recommended for you! Kristen Callihan is one of my favorite authors and every story has something new to offer. This is a sweet, swooning, tender slow burning romance with the author’s clever humor and charm.

When Chess is hired to do a nude photo shoot of one of the most famous football teams, she never expects one arrogant player to make her lose her composure. Finn Mannus is far from her usual taste but the smug man rattles her confidence.

Finn wants nothing to do with this job but there is something about the pissed photographer that speaks to him. He wants to get closer to her but he is not known for his steady relationships.

When Chess loses her home unexpectedly, Finn offers her to be roommates just as friends. Finn wants her physically but Chess doesn’t want to lose their new balance. As time passes by, they see that they are truly perfect for each other and their attraction cannot be ignored.

Chess is a girl strong with a straight forward personality but with a sensitive heart. She is logical, independent, but in true need of a new family and Finn is the ideal man to offer her that.

As for Finn, what can I say?! He is just PERFECT! He is compassionate, kind, caring and protective. His words of love will make you sigh and his patience is outstanding. He is honest and you can feel his deep feelings for her. Every woman dreams of a man like that. He knows how to burn the sheets but also how to love truly, madly.

As the relationship comes later on the book, you will appreciate their friendship so much. They build a home together, they share their lives and their thoughts. I loved how open and true they are to each other. They are flawed but they match. I admired them as friends and lovers. Their sparkles fly when they make love but their hearts have already been connected.

This story can be read as a standalone but you won’t lose if you read her other sports romance books! Kristen Callihan is an author that won’t disappoint you and this book is so endearing, you have to read it!!! Another touchdown for her!

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