New Review- How to Date a Douchebag: The Coaching Hours by Sara Ney

The Coaching Hours is the end of an amazing series and it couldn’t end better than a book about all the d*bags moving on! This story is different; it’s sweeter and more heartwarming. I have to say that I am sad to let this series go but with her witty humor and her smart writing, Sara will certainly think of more stories to keep us captivated.

This book is unlike all others because there are no d*bags in this story or more correctly there are but they mature throughout the book giving another dimension to their personality.

The main characters are likeable and fun. Anabelle is the coach’s daughter and certainly she is off limits for some boys. After a disappointing bet she finds a decent man who is there to help her and protect her. A charming friendship becomes so much more but a love can hurt you the most. Our heroine is sassy and strong and our hero is caring and kind.

The secondary characters are there to complete the story and making it even more interesting and fascinating. When you love a series you want it to be continued with their books but although, this is an end of an era, I don’t feel disappointed.

Sara Ney is known to tease us with her twists and turns and this book is no different. Once you think that the book will go one way, it surprises us again and again. There are things that are really exciting but one thing made me a little skeptical. When this couple starts developing some feelings there is a sudden jolt and mistakes are made that didn’t make me exactly happy but I certainly understood their decisions.

It’s bittersweet seeing this series end but I am sure there are many more to come. Sara Ney has become one of my favorite authors and she writes the best New Adult Romance! Fun, clever and sexy! What more do you want?!

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