New Review- How to Love a Duke in Ten Days by Kerrigan Byrne

I love historical romance books because they bring out a nostalgic feeling of a forgotten era. Kerrigan Byrne though writes also with a raw and realistic pen. She creates unique stories that combine the old with something modern. How to Love a Duke in Ten Days is sweet but also dark. I love her contradicting style!

Lady Alexandra Lane has traveled the world but her heart stays isolated. Being hurt in the past, she doesn’t trust easily especially the brute of a man, the “Terror of Torcliff”, the duke of Redmayne.

The duke needs a wife in order to get his revenge but he has no interest in silly women. When he finds though a brave woman with a shy smile, he wants to make her his.

Alexandra might be scared of him but in order to protect her best friends, she will sacrifice herself so she asks him for marriage. Her well hidden secret though threatens their lives and their unexpected togetherness.

I love these new characters. This author knows how to write smart people. I admire the fact that she wrote about a woman well educated who has confidence in her brain and her abilities. Her past hurt makes her vulnerable when needed but her logical and straightforward mind is refreshing. The duke or Piers is so different from the usual dukes. He is clever but not over sophisticated . He knows his manners but he remains simple. He has a strong body with a witty tongue.

As the title promises, they fall in love quickly but their love is passionate and fierce.

The secondary characters are anything but as you long for their stories along with the one you read.

Kerrigan Byrne has become one of my favorite historical romance authors because she writes good stories with a completely “hers” style. Her characters are always interesting and different but her voice is uniquely distinctive. How can we wait till next year for more?!

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