New Review- Insatiable by Melanie Harlow

Melanie Harlow is an author that makes me so excited with her books! This book is funny, hot as hell and really sweet. If you thought this is a friends to lovers story then you are wrong, because these two are born to be lovers!!!

Meg is living the big life in the city being a successful attorney until her boyfriend of three years dumps her. Suddenly, she realizes she misses her home, Cloverleigh Farms, so she decides to go back a little sooner for the wedding of her younger sister.

Noah has been good friends with Meg for years but they never crossed the line. Now she is back and tempts him like nothing else. Being a cop though and having big family obligations makes him unavailable for a serious relationship. A short fling could not hurt anyone or change anything, right?

Meg and Noah are sweet together. They work really well as a couple and their sexy scenes are anything but friendly. Their closer bond through the years makes everything better as they open up easily and share their burdens. Their relationship is easygoing as they are friends first but their sensuality brings another depth to their love.

Meg is a woman easily liked. She is straightforward , independent, and kind. Noah is cop *hint,hint*, he is loyal to his family and very alpha. Although, in their sexy scenes he is a guy who takes charge, his vulnerabilities in his life makes him often “Mr. Denial”. He is a little slower to admit how much he needs Meg but you know he is just insecure about his future. I love their compatibility.

I love when an author writes really well secondary characters, that you turn the pages after the end, so you can know more about them. Meg’s sisters are so interesting and I kept hitting my tablet for more info. Now I have to stalk the author!

Insatiable will open your appetite and you will devour it until the end!

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