New Review- Issued by Paris Wynters

I love discovering new authors and when Paris Wynters told me that her book was about an arranged marriage, one of my favorite tropes, I was all in! Issued is a sexy, quick story about a broken Navy Seal and a spitfire of a woman.

Taya is running away from her past and the danger she got herself into. Her best friend killed her dad and burned her house, so she has nothing left. When she learns about a new spouse-matching program , she finds it as the perfect opportunity for disappearing.

Jim made a huge mistake at a mission and now he pays it with a brain injury and a command to get married, so he can be cleared again for action. His first marriage was a disaster but he has no other choice but to marry a mysterious stranger.

These two are so different. Taya is energetic, chaotic and sassy. Jim is a reserved, quiet man. Jim is not easy to like in the beginning because he is abrupt and destructive but you see that it’s all because of his injuries. He is hurt so he lashes out. I loved the fact that they supported each other after they get to know each other. They both make mistakes that sometimes are silly or over the top, but they resolve them quickly.

I have to comment also that I was surprised about where the author took one of the sexual scenes. I do not have a problem for a man to be submissive but each sexual intercourse has to have a background and so far this couple could not know the other’s preferences in the bedroom. They do not really know each other, so I found it strange for the heroine to experiment like that in the beginning.

They both have secrets that are scared to share but they slowly open up and become a real couple. Their sexual chemistry is there but I would have liked to see them more together in their quiet times. They fell in love a little quickly and I would have preferred to see what made them fall.

There is a touch of suspense due to Taya’s backstory but it is only resolved in the end and I think that the author could have unravelled it throughout the book with more action scenes.

The writing is easygoing and the secondary characters are funny and interesting.

Although, the storyline needed something more for me, I have to say that I enjoyed reading it and I would gladly read the second book of this series!

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