New Review- Jock Row by Sara Ney

Sara Ney is an author that makes me giggle like a little girl and laugh out loudly by myself like a crazy person as her brooks are highly entertaining and addictive. Jock Row is a bit different, sweeter and drama free but I liked it as much as her previous books!

Scarlett is a girl logical that loves comfortable clothes, good food and having fun with her friends. Being banned from the popular house parties wasn’t part of the fun but having the captain of the baseball team as her babysitter surely made things more interesting.

Rowdy is the team leader so he has to set an example for his teammates even if that means keeping out the jock blocker, the girl who keeps the jocks from playing with the girls. The sassy girl might be wearing bulky clothes but her cute smile intrigues him from the start.

This is a friends to lovers story with a slow burn romance that is sizzling and a relationship that is both cute and hot. It surprised me that although there was humor in the story it was more heartwarming than I expected. There is banter between the couple but their bond is easygoing without any problems , something that made me smile.

Scarlett is different than the usual heroines. She is quirky, confident and a spitfire. In the beginning I found her attitude a little strange but as the story progressed I admired her blunt humor. Rodwy on the other hand is an adorable hero. He is open with his feelings, charming and overall decent guy. It is a breath of fresh air seeing a hero baring his heart to his girl.

If you want a flirty, witty story with no angst, Jock Row is the ideal book for you! I read it in one sitting and I have already started waiting for the next book!

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