New Review- Landon & Shay by Brittainy C. Cherry

Landon & Shay by Brittainy C. Cherry is an emotional book that has depth and heart! It is heartwrenching without being overly dramatic and sweet when needed. Although, the characters are young, the author writes about difficult subjects as depression, family problems and self-worth.

Landon hates Shay. Shay hates Landon. They have been enemies for years even if they go the same school and they have common friends. Avoidance is preferable and making each other angry is their first goal.

When though there is a challenge about who can make the other fall in love more quickly, the bet is on!

Landon and Shay might appear completely different but they are more much alike than they think. They both want friendship, love and stability. Their families are not perfect so they slowly see that they can be each other’s someone to count on.

Landon is a troubled young man. He fights depression and his demons everyday and you can see that he craves for love. He appears cold at the beginning but he is anything but. He feels everything deeply and with his all heart.

Shay is a girl sunny, strong and dependable. I love her feisty personality and that she has ethics and values. When Landon is in need, she is truly there and what more could you ask for?

Brittainy C. Cherry has one of the best pens in this romance community. She writes about sensitive matters with respect and sensitivity. I admire the fact that you can connect with each of her characters and their problems. I cry so much with her words not because there is too much angst but because they are so real; and despite the tears, there is always words of wisdom that bring hope!

I wish I could have Landon and Shay:Part Two in my hands right now! I could not stop reading this book and I would have loved to see their happily ever after. Don’t worry though… This is a book you won’t forget while waiting. It’s thought provoking and the story will stuck into your soul!!!

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