New Review- Lennon Reborn by Scarlett Cole

Scarlett Cole knows how to write books with an emotional punch and Lennon Reborn is not different. Though heartbreaking at times, it’s a story touching and hopeful. Your heart will be a little bruised with Lennon but in the end you will be amazed at how much love can change someone.

If you are a fan of Preload Series like me, I am sure that you have been waiting for Lennon’s story from the start. Lennon has appeared as an arrogant and rude man throughout the books knowing though that he hides so many secrets. This author will surprise you with what his soul has been hiding. He has a painful past that will move you and his deep thoughts will almost break you.

After a terrible accident Lennon is ready to give up but a woman shows him the light into his darkness. He is a hero tortured full of insecurities and self doubt. His horrible childhood has left many scars and now through love he is being given a second chance. I loved how artfully his pain is depicted and how much he changes through the book.  He has a difficult journey but his healing is so beautiful.

Georgia is a successful neurosurgeon but her job is all she has. When the traumatized rock star comes into her life, she finally sees that there is more than her work. I admired her hardworking and how logical she is. She is pragmatic, strong and I really liked that Lennon showed her how to have more fun.

Their relationship is really straightforward and sweet. There is true understanding between them and there is not unnecessary drama. I felt it a little rushed in the beginning but fate brought them together for a reason; these two belong to each other. There is maturity but also passion between them.

As always in this series these rock stars are more like a family than a band and it’s great seeing how much they care for each other. They are true brothers that love each other deeply.

Lennon Reborn is a story that talks about love that works as a balm to the heart. I am sad to see this series end but I am glad that its end brings a happily ever after for every band member.

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