New Review- Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan

Kennedy Ryan is a new author to me and I picked this book because everyone was raving about it. I have spent my whole day reading and now I am contemplating how to review it. My feelings are so mixed up. It’s not that I didn’t like it but this book is agonizing. It’s not a romantic story but it sure has  impact. But let’s start from the beginning…

Iris is a girl independent, smart, ambitious. One night she meets August, a basketball player on the rise. These two just connect deeply and wholeheartedly but there is one problem. Iris has a boyfriend, a man who traps her and hurts her.

The author shows that she has made a lot of research and the first part of the book is about Iris’abuse. It’s raw, painful and heartbreaking. The scenes are really hard and descriptive but what makes it more powerful is that it happens every day in real life. Abuse is not happening to the weak but to everyone. There are scenes that grab your heart and squeeze it painfully until you feel hurt.

The second part of this story is about healing. Love can heal all wounds and August is the perfect hero throughout the book. He is everything that her ex is not. Where her ex is darkness, a monster, August is the Prince, the lightness. He is the ultimate boyfriend that supports and helps and loves.

Although, August is a fantastic hero and their relationship is like written in the stars, I think this book is dedicated to Iris and her journey. She is a survivor and she has to pass many stages to learn how to trust again, how to live again.

As romance goes you can see that there is this magnetism between them and the hero is romantic at heart. His words are full of soul and he is devoted to the heroine. My only problem is that I would have liked the book to be more balanced. There is so much drama that you can’t catch your breath. When you think that everything is over and there is going to be some peace in their relationship the book ends at 75 percent and you still feel traumatized.

Despite the fact that this not my favorite book in romance, I couldn’t leave it without reviewing it. This book needs to be read not because it’s perfect but because it’s real. This story is not about romance but about life and the author did the best job to talk about abuse and the strength to feel whole again. I am sure like it or not you will definitely think about it days after you read it…

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