New Review- Love Hard by Nalini Singh

Nalini Singh is my go-to author for paranormal romance but it seems that I love her contemporary romance writing style too. Love Hard is an enemies/friends to lovers story with a feisty heroine and a serious single dad that explode together in and out of the bedroom.

Jake has a loving family, a great athletic career as a rugby player and an adorable little daughter. He might have lost his mom’s kid but he is content with his life. When he sees Juliet again, an old high school frenemy, everything becomes upside down and more colorful.

Juliet was the “bad” girl as a teenager and now she has become a confident, smart woman. Jake always was the golden boy and his constricted and serious personality got on her nerves but now he has become an irresistible man.

Although , there two are so different , they connect deeply. They get to know truly each other and there is  amazing trust between them. I loved the fact that the author did not play the card where the hero is stuck on his ex’s memory. Jake is a responsible, young dad and I admire how much he cares and protects everyone and how cute is with his daughter. Juliet is a sassy woman but she is loyal to a fault. They complemented each other well.

Despite the fact the couple is really young, their attitude is more mature but the author explains it because of what both have gone through their past. Their love affair and their feelings are a little quick but in general, the story is nicely written.

Seeing Jake’s family especially my favorite couple- T-Rex and the mouse- from previous books was priceless!!!

There is one brother left and I have been already excited and ready to read his story!

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