New Review- Memphis by Ginger Scott

Sometimes family is people who don’t share your blood but they love you unconditionally and Memphis is all about that! This is a story about a boxer and his girl who basically fight to find themselves and their happily ever after.

Liv might be the daughter of a famous fighter but her life is anything but glorious. After a huge mistake she has made she is forced to go back to her family who hates her. She has to endure the pain her family brings her but a new fighter in her family’s gym brings back hope.

Memphis is an orphan with a homeless man his only friend. He is training hard trying to connect with the ghost of a father he never knew and find his path to this world. He just wants to make a name of himself but a girl distracts him in the best way.

Together they overcome all the troubles and they find something they both want;love.

Memphis is a kind boy with a sensitive side that I liked . He is considerate and sweet without lacking an inner strength. Liv is a tough girl who stands  up back again even when she is pushed down. She is smart and logical. At the beginning I couldn’t understand all this resentment she had for her family but when things were unveiled I saw why she was so guarded.

Although there was romance in the story ,for me it was missing the extra something. I couldn’t really feel why they liked each other. Circumstances bring them together but I wanted to see more of their attraction. I couldn’t really connect with the characters although I liked them.

Also there is a twist towards the end that it was a little unrealistic for me so I struggled to understand where it was going.

Memphis is a book about fighting for love and that’s the best reason for something to knock you out!

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