New Review- Much Ado About You by Samantha Young

If you love small town romance , then you are going to love this “small village romance” by Samantha Young. Much Ado About You has a chic lit feeling and it is about the personal journey of our heroine who finds love, her home and herself in a idyllic place in UK.

Evie is in her thirties and stuck. All her friends move on with their lives but she has no boyfriend, no job and she feels lonely. When she sees an ad for renting a bookstore in Northern England during vacation,  she finds it as a sign for a change. When she goes there, she finds herself while the community embraces her. The fact that she is sworn off men when there is a sexy farmer tempting her  it is just a small glitch on her plans.  

I loved the vibe of this book and the setting. This story is sweet and dreamy. You travel to this small part of the world and not only you live the story but also the place. Evie and Roane are cute together. Evie is a cool girl with a little meddling personality. Roane is such a sweet man. He is caring, fun and protective.

The secondary characters are anything but that. They play a catalyst role and they help the flow of the book. It is like reading many stories at once.

The only complaint I have about this book is the way Evie takes decisions towards the end. She is reckless with Roane’s feelings and she overreacts. I can understand that she has a rough upbringing but she does not give him a chance when what he does is a little silly.

Much Ado About You is a book that will make you want to travel to England and find yourself a bookstore to run and a family of friends to own!

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