New Review- Nikan Rebuilt by Scarlett Cole

Scarlett Cole has the ability combining romance with painful and informative subjects that always leave you thinking beyond books. “Nikan Rebuilt” is a story about love, family and a touch of what Indians went through during colonization.

Nikan has everything. He has fame, money and friends that feel like family. He was just a young man when he made his biggest mistake but that is something he will always regret. He hurt the love of his life for an impulse and his heart has never been the same since then.

Jenny has escaped a crazy father who murdered her mother and many more but she cannot escape her past. Nikan was the first man to show her love but suddenly he took it all away leaving her hurt and broken. After many years away from him, she is now back running a group home of boys in need. She wants to leave him behind but fate has other plans.

This is a second chance romance book and Nikan has made a huge error but the man really grovels. Although, I don’t know if I could forgive me, the author succeeds in making you feel sorry for him and wanting their having another go.

Jenny is such a strong girl. She is supportive, caring and her attitude in her work is amazing. I really understood her struggle to trust Nikan again but she is forgiving and you can see that she never got over him.

Nikan showed the biggest growth. He matured through the years and when he finds Jenny again, he shows another self. He is determined, thoughtful and sweet. He is the glue that connects the rock group he is in and he always supports everyone but in the process he lost himself. In the present though he makes the right steps to find what he truly wants and to win over Jenny. His words are really romantic and sometimes painful but real.

You can see what the characters from the previous books are up to and you will love that they are united. Preload is a group of rockers but in reality they are brothers. I cannot wait to read the last book in the series which I think will be great but raw.

This is a beautiful, heartfelt story about a broken couple who will heal through love. They might be damaged but sometimes you have to break a little so you can become stronger and whole again and this couple will do anything to find forgiveness and their happily ever after.

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