New Review- Not Until You by Corinne Michaels

Not Until You by Corinne Michaels is a sweet, fun and sexy romance story! There is a sassy heroine, a British hero and an adorable relationship; what else could you ask for? !

Nicole has sworn off relationships. She is a free and open girl but she wants no marriage, no babies despite her mother wanting her settling down. She loves sex, experimenting and men as long as they stay away from her heart.

Callum has left his home in London for arranging some business in the U.S. but when he meets Nicole he is all in for pleasure. The girl can play some games but he is a better master at them.

Their connection is there from the start and although they seem to click physically they have so much more in common emotionally. They both have been hurt in the past but they are so good to each other.

Nicole is such a funny character. She has no filter and she says what she thinks and that’s so honest. I loved that although she never wanted a serious relationship , she gave Callum a chance. She might act crazily sometimes but she never behaves maliciously. She has a vulnerability that I like and she is logical in her spontaneity.

Callum is the perfect hero; he is a true gentleman with manners and he knows what he wants. He is hardworking, mature and he pursues her as a true man should. He is open, he is hot and he laughs with Nicole and her no limits mouth. Not to forget he is British so who doesn’t swoon with an accent?

Their relationship is scorching hot and their bond is easygoing. Their love is a little instant and the time they are together is short for all these feelings, but they are sweet together so it doesn’t bother you.

I love this group of women so I like how Corinne gives each one of them the perfect partner. There is this lightness in this story that is refreshing and I cannot wait for the last book of the series!

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