New Review- The Ones Who Got Away by Roni Loren

Roni Loren is a new to me author but this blurb grabbed my attention and I couldn’t let it go without reading it.  This is a story about second chances, survival, hope and love!

Twelve years ago there was a school shooting and only few survived. Those who got away might have moved on with their lives but this nightmare still haunts them. Now they are back for an interview for a documentary about the tragedy and they soon realize how much the demons of their past chase them.

Liv thought she would never return to the place of her fears but now she is here to face not only her memories but also her first love, Finn, the boy who betrayed her. The attraction is still there but they don’t know each other or do they?

Although, I thought that this story would be full of angst because of the shooting the author surprised me because it was not about the gory details but it was based more on the future and the re-discovery of themselves.

All the characters are interesting including the secondary ones. Liv is a fighter, a true survivor that doesn’t give up. She is courageous, forward and independent. I loved her honesty and her spunky attitude. Finn is a man sweet, sensual but with lots of guilt. He fights for the greater good but he has lost himself along the way. He might be slower than Liv to find himself but in the end he does the right thing.

Their relationship is hot and beautiful! You can see that they never got over each other and their chemistry is explosive. I really liked that their bond is not based on their common painful experience but they are flirty, sexy and adorable together.

I am really intrigued by the other survivors and I cannot wait to read their story!

This book is an intriguing read that will captivate you from the start and this author promises great stories to come!

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