New Review- Promise Me by Samanthe Beck & Robin Bielman

A new writing duo is here! Samanthe Beck is known for her steamy books and Robin for her humorous ones, so these two created a fun and sexy story! Promise Me is a hot book filled with sweet scenes and lovable characters.

Kendall has been house sitting her aunt’s home but she has to deal with two estranged sisters, a feisty little dog and an irresistible neighbor. It’s only for a summer so what can happen, right?!

Vaughn is on the verge of succeeding in the TV industry so he has to concentrate but the angel next door keeps distracting him. She has though some secrets that can destroy his career so he has to decide if love is worth it.

I really liked the characters in this book. Kendall is a young woman who has to forgive herself for her past mistakes. I admired her transformation throughout the book. She finds her goals, she opens up and she gives a chance to her happiness.

Vaughn is a delightful hero. He is flirty, fun and hot. I really liked his honesty and his will to fight for Kendall.

Their relationship is cute and scorching! My only complaint is that I would have liked to see them moving a little slower. As Kendall doesn’t have experience and she appears closed off , I would have expected more dates or foreplay before their sexy scenes.

The secondary characters are great and you want to read their stories.

I hope these two authors will continue writing together and give us more books!

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