New Review- Reckless by Lex Martin

Sometimes you feel a little down and you want a book to cheer you up. I loved Shameless but I had no idea Reckless would lift me up so much. This is a fun , sweet story with the most adorable couple that will leave you with a smile and make you happy.

Ethan has done everything in his power to keep his family content but now he is drowning in responsibilities. Keeping busy with his ranch, trying to settle his divorce with an absentee ex and spending time with his young kids makes him ready to give up. When his brother brings a feisty nanny , he finally sees that there is more into his life.

Tori has always been the failure of her family. She has dropped out of college, her ex is a cheating bast**d and her parents keep ignoring her. When her sister proposes to her to become a nanny, she is forced to accept to save some money.

Neither Ethan nor Tori expect to fall in love but their friendship brings them closer and their attraction makes it impossible to stay away.

This couple is so cute. Tori is sassy, smart and so understanding. Her easy attitude makes her so likeable and her insecurities can make you connect with her. She has a clever and loud personality in general but with Ethan and his children she is mellowed. Ethan is a man kind, a great dad, hardworking and he has a good heart.

I loved how their relationship developed. Although there is chemistry from the start there is this respect between them. They take slow and steady steps and it makes it more believable. They both make mistakes but I admired their maturity to discuss things and not create unnecessary drama. I love a couple that can communicate and these two are so logical and real.

If you have read Shameless – if not just do it- you are going to love the scenes between Kat and Brady. Also, Ethan’s brother is a great addition to this story and I am crossing my fingers to have another book about him.

When a book can make you forget everything and have a nice time, it’s perfect in my eyes and Reckless will do just that! 5 huge stars from me.

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