New Review- Recovered by Jay Crownover

Jay Crownover’s books just work for me! She may write about a cowboy, a killer, a drug addict and you end up in loving their stories. This author has the ability of writing flawed characters that somehow redeem themselves and you just go with the flaw happily. I never would have guessed that I would connect with a hero with a drug addiction but Recovered just shows the low everyone can have and how love can make you stronger. This is a beautiful second chance at life romance book.

Cable has everything. Money, women, a well respected family but he lacks something. Nobody knows his real self and how much he struggles. Drugs is his way out of his depression, a cry for help no one can hear except the Ice Queen , Affton.

Affton knows how much an addiction can hurt. She remains untouchable from everyone as she has put up walls so nothing can bring her more pain. Her only goal is to leave town and chase her dreams and that means she has no room for distractions. She can’t avoid though wanting to save the lost boy, Cable.

Cable does a terrible mistake and now he is forced to pay the consequences. He doesn’t expect to have a babysitter, especially the girl of his dreams. Affton hates to be the one who has to watch out for Cable so as not to slip in his bad habits again but she cannot resist helping him.

As these two spend time together, they learn to open up. There is attraction from the start but they both have to battle for their bond to stay. It’s not an easy journey but the result is more satisfying.

Affton is a great girl. She is strong, independent and feisty. She is understanding but she has a steel core. She pushes when she has to but relents when necessary. Her painful past has made her more powerful and empathetic. I loved that she didn’t demand from Cable the impossible but she wanted for him to only try.

Cable is a complex hero. At the beginning you see only his bad vices so you cannot know if his actions come from him or from his addictions. As the story unfolds you realize that he is not just an enriched guy who wants to have fun. He is in pain and he fights with depression. When he recovers, you root for him. You don’t want him to fail and in the end you are proud about his choices even if they aren’t always the right ones.

Their relationship has its ups and downs but it surely is explosive. Although they don’t know how to express their emotions, they are so open in their sexy scenes. They are truly hot together but you can see their growing intimacy.

Once again I loved a book by Jay Crownover. She is an author that doesn’t romanticize everything but you get romantic books. Her stories are raw and realistic and despite being a little hard, you cannot not fall in love with them!

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