New Review- Riven Knight by Devney Perry

Riven Knight is the second book in the Tin Gypsy series and it picks up exactly where we left it in book one. We finally learn what happened in the cabin and why Isaiah, an ex convict, and Genevieve, an everyday girl , are forced to get married. This is a slow burn romance where two strangers pretend that they are husband and wife without knowing each other.

Genevieve has lost her mother and has her life turned upside down when she learns about her new family that are MC members. She is in danger but she has an ally, a silent man who is there for her. Some secrets bound them together and they form a strong friendship that slowly becomes a real relationship.

Genevieve is a confident, strong woman who is a realist and a fighter. She does not mince words and she is independent. Isaiah is a man vulnerable. His past and his time in prison has left him hurt and made him an introvert.Their relationship is not all fireworks. It is not fast paced and it happens gradually. Isaiah is not a man who knows how to share his personal info but he is caring and supportive of Genevieve.

There is a lot of suspense in this story like in the Gypsy King and the couple always is in a state of being guarded. Although, I liked them together , there was something missing. Their want is more internal than expressed. I love slow burn romance books but I want the little touches, the looks and the feelings before the relationship. Genevieve and Isaiah are more closed off and their sexual chemistry is more in their heads than in their life.

Also, we see that the thing that bonded them together is extreme and especially for a girl like Genevieve who lives until then a normal life is not something to be hidden under the rug. I would have liked to see more of their struggle because of what they did.

Devney Perry is one of my favorite authors and this series will definitely keep you on your toes. These books are a little different than her others like The Birthday List which is more emotional, but nonetheless they are exciting and adventurous. If you like your romance mixed with mystery and suspense then you can try this series.

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