New Review- Royally Yours by Emma Chase

Royally by Emma Chase is one of the best romantic series I have read and Royally Yours is another fantastic addition to these amazing books! If you have read the books, we go back in time learning the love story of Queen Lenora and Edward and if you thought that this woman is cold, you couldn’t be more wrong! This is a fascinating, emotional and really romantic story with an arranged marriage.

Lenora has been raised to be a Queen. Her father treated her like a future leader so that meant no freedom, no tenderness and strictness in all matters. When she loses her parents, she is ready to rule but her youth makes the Parliament skeptical unless she gets married. She has no place for men but her country needs her, so she has to make some sacrifices.

Edward has denied his title and he is a world explorer. He lives for adventures until the biggest adventure of his life expects him back home. He has to keep a promise so he accepts to wed the Queen and rule beside her.

What they both don’t expect is this arranged marriage to become something meaningful. Lenora has been lonely until Edward shows up. He pushes her to be better, to have more fun and together they find that love is above everything.

If you have read the previous books, you know that Queen Lenora is calculating, a little cunning and closed off. In this book you see all that and much more. You find that behind the cold facade there is a woman who doesn’t trust easily but when she opens up to Edward, she surrenders the reins and her heart.

Edward is a man with modern opinions. I love that he doesn’t try to lead and underestimate Lenora. On the contrary, he supports her and trusts her. He is the one that shows that there is not only the Queen but also a young woman that should have some fun.

Although the story is set back in the 50s-60s there is nothing old fashioned about it. This is a couple who burns the sheets and will make you swoon.

Despite the fact that I loved everything about this book, I had some bittersweet feelings because I knew what this couple would go through in the future. Maybe that was the reason the author wrote Lenora’s book, so you could see that behind the fierce leader there is a woman who has gone through much.

Royally Yours is one of the best books I have read so far in 2018 and I am crossing my fingers for more royal love stories by Emma Chase!

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