New Review- Ruthless Vows by Rebecca Ross

Divine Rivals was my only five stars read of 2023 and it was pure magical! It is always a challenge for an author to follow up and although, I liked Ruthless Vows, it was no comparison to the first book.

I am sure many fans wanted more of the Gods and this book will be for you. Ruthless Vows is focused on the war aspect and the world building. Everything is explained but the plot was not so interesting to me as I wanted more of the relationship between Roman and Iris. The romance between them took second place and that made me sad. The couple in this book spends more time separated than together, so their relationship didn’t take a step forward.

This book has the enchanted letters that took our heart in book one but due to the circumstances, they are a little different. Some of their words though and some of their scenes together are sweet and heartwarming!

I loved Iris’ character. She is a strong girl that does everything for her loved ones. Roman in this book is not the same boy as in book 1. He is confused and scared and you might feel a little sorry for him.

I was happy to see the secondary characters especially Attie and I have to say I am a little angry about Forest but I will not spoil it for you.

Although, Ruthless Vows did not win me over, I have to suggest this duet pureheartedly because Divine Rivals is just perfect and you don’t want to miss out!

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