New Review- Savage: The Awakening of Lizzie Danton by L.A. Fiore

Where there is darkness, there is light and L.A. Fiore wrote a story full of both. Savage is a story of fighting your own demons and chasing hope through love. A contemporary romance with a dark fairytale vibe set in the majestic Scotland. I fell in love with the characters and the vividly described scenery.

Lizzie and Brochan have one thing in common; they have endured so much pain and their pasts haunt them. They have been rejected, abused and abandoned. They live in the darkness but fate brings them together and they learn how to trust and love again.

Lizzie is an artist who despite her difficult upbringing remains optimistic and a fighter. She is loyal and a great friend. Brochan is a man cool, a little damaged and mysterious. He is intense and all alpha male. Though they have a different attitude, they understand each other. Their attraction is sizzling but their broken parts of their souls bring them closer.

This is not a paranormal romance but the eerie scenery and the writing of this author makes this book touched by magic. This is a passionate fairytale with a beast, a damsel and evil that threatens their happiness.

Lizzie might be the artist but this author has painted raw pictures of this couple’s journey of finding redemption, forgiveness and love. Scotland has worked almost as a real character that fills the story beautifully. The secondary characters compliment it even further.

This is a love story born from the debris of this couple’s painful past. I adored this book and I am so impressed by L.A. Fiore. I cannot wait for more!

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