New Review- Seek by Mia Sheridan

Mia Sheridan surprised us with this new release and what a nice surprise it is! Mia always writes fantastic books and although, this is grittier and shorter, it is still exciting with the emotional touches that this author usually writes! It’s fast paced with suspense, romance and some secrets that will leave you intrigued.

Olivia is a wealthy girl but she has no family. When her fiancé disappears she is determined to find him and have some answers. Her trip will lead her to Columbia with the help of a mysterious guide.

Thomas trusts no one. Having lived a painful childhood he goes from job to job with no attachments. When he meets Olivia his cold heart is touched by the gentle girl.

There is great danger in the jungles of South America but the most dangerous thing is their attraction. Olivia finds someone she can lean on and Thomas finds sunshine in his dark life.

Olivia is a kind girl but has strength in her. She is not afraid to venture in the middle of Columbia because she has the need for love and family. Thomas is a man protective, sexy and brooding. Their relationship is sweet and passionate.

This author’s writing is always good and I found this book having the same vibe as her first books she wrote. There is also a small connection to one of her books in the Sign Love series which makes my thought even more accurate.

This is an exciting story set in an environment captivating and has some twists and turns that you might suggest but nonetheless you will enjoy! If you are a fan of this author and you want an action packed romance, give this a try…

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