New Review- Someone’s Else Ocean by Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart knows how to write books full of heart. They are always meaningful with the right amount of sexiness and romance. Someone’s Else Ocean is a sweet, hot story which is exciting as a stormy sea but also calming as a gentle wave.

Ian is a man nearing his forties when his life is turned upside down. Now he is angry, devastated and he seeks refugee to his vacation home in St. Thomas, a picturesque island. His only concern is his teenage daughter and decompressing. He doesn’t want the kindness of his neighbor and childhood friend and he definitely doesn’t need the attraction he feels.

Koti has found her true self and her soothing home on this island so when a bull headed Ian comes, she doesn’t know if she wants to hit him or kiss him. The man aggravates her like no other but there is something in the pain in his eyes that makes it close to her own.

Their relationship starts like a storm with lots of insulting, back and forth and sexy antagonism. Then it transforms into a deeper friendship and a love between two soulmates.

I loved that these characters are not perfect. They both have flaws but there is respect between them. They bring comfort to each other and they have understanding without words. They might be sweet in general but their intimate scenes are scorching hot.

Ian is man deeply hurt so he is gruff at the beginning but he admits his mistakes. He is a really good dad and you will feel sympathetic towards his vulnerabilities regarding his kid. Koti is a woman who is going through a lot but she is a fighter. She struggles to find her footing but she never gives up. I loved her kindness and her sensitivity.

The secondary characters are the best and I am excited to see that Koti’s best friend who is hilarious is getting her own book.

Kate once again wrote one of my most favorite books of this year. Her storylines are realistic and you can always find a part of yourself in this books. They are not light but they are always easy to read. I can’t wait for her next one!

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