New Review- Sugar & Gold by Emma Scott

If there is one person that can create magic, Emma Scott is the perfect author for it! Her words enchant you and take you in a journey full of creativity, originality and love! Every story she writes is fantastic and I am so excited to read her books that always have amazing characters and a storyline with twists that surprise you!

Nikolai has a unique ability and a curse. He has empathy making him vulnerable to other people’s feelings and thoughts. Trying to escape the cruel reality, he doesn’t stay long in a place preferring the loneliness and the freedom the road offers.

Fiona has been hurt in her past and now she dreams of blue seas and green forests. She is trying all her best to overcome the evil that chases her but her nightmares haunt her every day.

Two lonely souls meet and in a night of passion they will try to forget all the things that threaten them. Everything happens for a reason and their fateful relationship will bring them peace. Fiona and Nikolai are destined to be together like two pieces of a puzzle that complete each other.

I fell in love with these two characters. Nikolai is a man lonely, kind and protective. You want to give him a hug and tell him that everything will work out. He is surrounded by darkness but his soul is calling for help and love. Fiona on the other hand is a girl caring, vulnerable but with an inner strength of steel. She is fiercer than she appears and although she has lived a painful past, she remains positive and outgoing.

Their relationship is based firstly on their physical needs but you can see slowly that their bond evolves and their need for each other is vital. Their sexy scenes are hot but their affection will make you sigh.

This is a story with a paranormal vibe but so believable that it won’t matter. It is a book full of colors that will bring you some happiness into your life making it feel like it is rained by sugar and gold!

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