New Review: Team Player 2: The Guy in the Middle by Kate Stewart

After I finished reading “The Guy on the Right” by Kate Stewart , I was so intrigued by the hero’s roommates. When the author announced we are going to get their stories, I was so excited!

In Team Player 2 Anthology , we get a little first taste of Lance’s story and what a beginning it is! It’s romantic, sexy and heartwarming. I love my broody heroes and Lance is the perfect one!!!

Lance is a football player and he has one goal; get drafted to the NFL. It’s important for him and his family so he doesn’t need any distractions.

Harper loves dancing but she has promised her dad to get her degree, so she buys time rehearsing and studying.

When these two meet, they clash immediately. They appear completely different but they are both driven, determined and a little lonely. Neither backs down from a challenge, but their love will be the biggest challenge of them all.

I love both characters. Lance appears as angry and hot tempered but he has his reasons.He is quiet and a caretaker. I admire Harper who doesn’t cower under the pressure. She is sassy and smart and she respects herself.

Kate Stewart little by little unveils their love story and she leaves us hanging with the biggest cliffhanger but with a hope in our hearts that everything will work out! I don’t know how I can wait for the rest of this story!!!

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