New Review- The Fire by R.J. Prescott

After the years of waiting for Tommy’s story, The Fire is finally here and it’s fantastic! This story is sweet, funny and emotional! I laughed so hard with Tommy’s sunny attitude and then I cried buckets of tears with some heartbreaking scenes. R.J. Prescott has succeeded in making us invest in this family of fighters and I loved being back with them.

Tommy has always been a womanizer but then he meets Evelyn, the shy girl and he sees only her. Evelyn though does not want to give him a chance but the man knows how to push some boundaries. These two might be opposites but they are so good for each other!

Tommy is the jokester, a young man with a heart of a child. He is unapologetically honest, he has no filter and despite that he brings all the laughter in his group of friends, he is sensitive and feels everything deeply. He might have been a player but when he falls in love, he is romantic and devoted.

Evelyn is a quiet bookworm, a girl who follows the church values, so she cannot see how she can match with the dirty mouthed man. Tommy hides though a pure heart and she cannot not fall in love with him.

These two are so funny together. Tommy uses humor in everyday situations and even in difficult times, he can lighten everyone’s hearts. Evelyn is more serious but with Tommy, she finds her independence and her spirited nature. There is an insta-love feeling but they are so cute together. Although, they do have intimate scenes, the author preferred not to show us any sexual intercourse and it is the only thing I missed a little.

I highly recommend reading the previous books because you will feel everything more intensely. Throughout the books, you will see these boys growing up and finding their happily ever after and as they are a family, you will want to know what happened before.

I love R.J. Prescott’s writing! She is an author that has an easygoing style and it’s like watching a movie. Her characters are always so realistic!

The Fire has everything and it is full of contradictions! It has joy and sadness. It brings smiles and tears! Above all though, the love and the sense of family shines! I do not want this series to end!

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