New Review- The First Girl Child by Amy Harmon

The First Girl Child by Amy Harmon is a book for fantasy lovers! It’s a tale full of myths and it will take you to colorful places where magic and realism unite. I would not call this book a romance story but it’s a novel about love.

Bayr is the son of an angry dead mother who has cursed the land. There are no female girls born for years until Alba is born and Bayr becomes her protector. These two are soulmates from the start but the greed and corruption of a King can be their downfall.

This story is told by multiple point of views. Bayr and Alba might be the salvation of their cursed world but they are not the main focus of the book. The author wrote a book about the history of this land with each character playing a main part. Each person moves methodically like a pawn in a chess creating a game filled with tension, adventure, politics and love.

The writing is flawless and vivid. It is like Game of Thrones and Vikings had a child, meaning you could definitely imagine it on the big screen. The world building is amazing and the characters artfully written.

I would have loved to see the romance side of the story unfolding more. The main couple grows up towards the end so it’s more about family and fate. Also, I have to admit that the secondary characters stole the show for me because throughout most of the book we saw Bayr and Alba as kids, so my romantic heart was rooting more for Bay’s uncle and his loved one.

The First Girl Child is a fantasy story with bits of romance that will definitely leave you spellbound!

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