New Review- The Naked Truth by Vi Keeland

The Naked Truth by Vi Keeland is a steamy second chance romance full of chemistry! This is a flirty but also romantic book full of twists!

Layla is an attorney ready to move up in her law firm but in order to do that she has to work with her ex Gray. Gray is the man she has not truly moved on from but although he is a temptation, he has betrayed her. He wants another chance but she has to convince her mind to catch up on with her heart.

Gray has never gotten over the beautiful girl. She has changed his life and he will do anything to win her over. He just needs another chance and he will fight for it.

I liked both characters although Gray is the star of this book. He is a dirty talking scoundrel but also a man full in love and he doesn’t hide it. He is a hunter and he doesn’t take any chances of her escaping. Although, he is bossy we see another side of him that is tender and sweet.

Layla is a smart, hardworking woman. She is honest but because of the past she holds herself back. She has vulnerabilities but sometimes I found her a little detached.

The first half of the story was fantastic. I loved their banter, their sexiness and all this back and forth between them. I would have loved to see more of their past that was really interesting.

The second part had a twist that wasn’t something I expected. I didn’t want the story to go there, to have that kind of drama because it was a little unoriginal. I loved how Gray’s character grew up and changed but Layla’s somehow faded away. Their relationship took a second place to the other storyline.

The secondary characters were great and a nice addition to the story especially Gray’s “mom” !

Vi Keeland has written some of my favorite books and although The Naked Truth is not my number one, you will definitely have fun reading it!

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