New Review- The One for You by Roni Loren

This series by Roni Loren is certainly for us, romance lovers! Her books are heartwarming and unforgettable! I cannot believe that this series is coming to an end and I am so excited I gave a chance to an author I did not know, because I loved these books. The One For You is a friends to lovers story that is emotional and sweet.

Kincaid is the last girl who is given a second chance at love and life. Kincaid has survived the shooting in her school but she has never gotten over the death of her then boyfriend.She craves for love and a family that is there for her but she is scared to move on.

Ash has promised himself never to return to the place where so many people died, but life has other plans. Now he is back and he does not know how to face the girl of his dreams. Kincaid still sees him as her friend but Ash cannot let the love of his life go for the second time.

Ash and Kincaid do not start with an easy relationship after their reunion. Kincaid is hurt and angry at him because he left her and Ash has some secrets that can destroy her. Slowly, they patch up things and they agree to become friends with benefits. It is not though as easy it seems as their feelings get deeper and their love grows.

Kincaid always seemed as the funny girl of their group but her reality is different. She is lonely, closed off and reserved. She does not trust to love again and her sunny personality is a front. I liked her smart attitude and her humor. Ash is a man in love. His feelings are so romantic but I have to admit that you feel a little sorry for him. Kincaid has put at pedestal her first boyfriend and sometimes you feel that Ash gets second place. Nonetheless, they are good to each other and I love that their friendship tranformed into a nice relationship.

You cannot go wrong with this series! It’s always amazing seeing women supporting each other and each and every one of these friends have a great love story that you have to read!

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