New Review- The One You Fight For by Roni Loren

I love this series by Roni Loren and that says something because the theme of the love stories of school shooting victims is not easy and despite that all the books are emotional and so well written.

When I started this series I was anxiously waiting for this book, “The One You Fight For”. I was equally excited and a little scared to see how this story would unfold. This is the most difficult love story of all three because it’s between the victim and the killer’s brother. Although, it sounds terrifying and dramatic, this book surprised me with its sweetness.

Taryn might have been a survivor years ago when there was a shooting in her school, but she lost her younger sister and since then her peace of mind. Her family is nearly destroyed and her life is dedicated to the one she lost. She is a forensic psychologist doing research of how to avoid more traumatic incidents in schools so she has no time for herself.

Shaw has lost his path and his purpose. He is a killer’s brother and with that comes the guilt and sorrow. He is not allowing himself to live when others lost theirs. When he meets a beautiful woman, he is drawn to her but he doesn’t dare hope. He is after all a man with a painful past and a different name.

This couple despite all the obstacles is meant to be. They are adorable together! Taryn is a logical, straight forward woman. She doesn’t mince her words and she always speaks her mind. I admired her attitude toward everything. She is forgiving and she doesn’t cause drama. Shaw is a reserved, scared man but when he is given the chance to open up, he is flirty, funny and sexy! It really moved me how much he respected Taryn’s wishes and the fact that he never pushed her.

I liked the way this author handled things. It’s not an easy story but she shows that Shaw is a victim too and that understanding is more important than judging.

As always, these four friends are united as a family and it’s nice seeing them again working as a team. The next heroine, Kinkaid, is so sassy and fun so I cannot wait to read her story although I will be sad seeing this series end.

This has become one of my most favorite series and although each book has a completely different storyline, their essence is one; love can cure everything!

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