New Review- The Regret Duet by Aly Martinez

Aly Martinez is back with another exciting duet full of surprises that will make your heart run faster! The Regret Duet is a story emotional without missing its funny and sexy moments.

This author can always write twists and turns that will have you shocked and won’t see coming. These two books are no different. Book One finishes with a major unpredictable cliffhanger and Book Two ends this exhilarating story with a bang.

I am keeping my review vague because this duet has to be experienced blindly.

The hero is amazing. I love single dads in romance and this one is alpha, protective and caring. I admire the fact that he remains logical despite the difficulties he faces. The little girl brings a funny vibe to the story but sometimes I felt that she was speaking as an older child than her four years.

The heroine is a little harder to understand. The first twist is about her and I have to say I couldn’t justify her actions. She is kind, understanding and patient but the way she took some decisions was irrational for me. You will find yourself with your mouth wide open because the twist is a little unbelievable.

I love this author’s writing because it flows quickly and easily and despite the fact I couldn’t comprehend the existence of this big secret , the story by itself is enjoyable. The books have angst, mystery and the couple works well together. There is sensuality and romance. Flashbacks to the past are not always successful but the ones Aly has are so essential to the story and so well written.

I might have not agreed with everything that happens into this story but The Regret Duet is definitely captivating and will keep your heart racing until the end!

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