New Review- The Truest Thing by Samantha Young

The Truest Thing has been one of the most anticipated books from Samantha Young. If you had started the Hart’s Boardwalk series, then I am sure you were like me counting the days until this release. This book was everything I expected; it’s a story full of angst where forgiveness, redemption and love win.

Emery is a woman who has moved to the small town of Hartwell for years and tries to find her place in this small community. She is a shy bookstore owner who does not trust easily and keeps her cards close to her chest. She has finally found some friends but she keeps the biggest secret; she is enchanted by the black sheep of the town, Jack.

Jack was not always the bad guy but he now works for a father who blackmails him, he has no friends and he has lost the trust from the girl who stole his heart from the first time he saw her.

Now is the time for secrets to be revealed and he can fight for their love but Emery cannot forget his sins.

I knew that there was attraction between these two but I did not expect their full story throughout the years. This book goes back and forth between present and past and we see how Jack and Emery met and slowly fell in love. Their journey is not easy as Jack has made some really bad actions. I was glad that Emery did not forget him so easily. I felt sorry for him but some moves were a little unforgivable. Despite that, Jack is a man that has fallen completely and it was really sweet to see.

Emery on the other hand was the one that made me fall more in love with this story. I loved the fact that she found her inner strength. She is a classy woman who knows what she wants and she is a deep thinker.

One of the best aspects of this series is the friendship between all the characters. Jack’s reuniting with his best friend was completely moving.

If you want a story that will make your heart ache a bit, The Truest Thing is the one for you! A story about second chances and unforgettable love!

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