New Review- Three Blind Dates by Meghan Quinn

Three Blind Dates by Meghan Quinn is an adorable read that will leave you with a smile.This book is inspired by the movie You’ve Got Mail and will make you have the same warm feelings. One girl, three blind dates and one soul mate…

Noely is a  girl ready to fall in love , have a family and move on with her life. She feels lonely so she accepts to have blind dates through an app in case she finds her happily ever after. There are three suitors, the suit, the rebel and the jock, each one endearing but only one is perfect for her. Her choice is difficult but her heart knows.

Noely is a cute, bubbly girl that will make you laugh with her shenanigans. She is fun, sassy and with the right amount of sexiness and shyness. I like how open she is to love and she is not afraid to take the dive despite her dating difficulties. She is spunky and she has great instincts.

As for her blind dates they are so different but all likeable. Each one brings something else into the date and I really admired that they make her heart skip a bit and click with her bringing out aspects of her character. I don’t want to tell more about her dates so they can surprise you but each one is sexy and attractive.

Each man has something to keep him back from a great relationship with Noely and I would have loved to know more about their reasons but I suppose as each suitor is going to have his book I am sure we will learn more. Nonetheless for the one he won her heart I didn’t understand completely how he got over his reasoning that made him doubt them.

I was sure who the right man was for her so I would also have liked to see them more together but all three men were nice so it was not difficult to read about them as it made me curious about them but I wanted their relationship to shine more throughout the book.

This is a book full of laughs with a girl that will steal your heart and three mysterious men that will intrigue you. It’s an entertaining story and I will certainly read the other two…

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